Build your own oasis of peace with us

WoodComplex is created by a team of designers, constructors and real craftsmen who love working with this noble material – wood. Our experience has enabled us to complete many projects. Observing the growing interest in the technology of framework construction we decided to prepare an offer of several ready-made prefabricated houses. We know very well that building a home is a lifetime investment, so we would really like to work closely with you from the very beginning of the project. The design process is the most important stage, that is why it requires a lot of attention and commitment. Then we get to know your needs, we advise, adapt, complete documents, help in contacting the authorities and finally we build your dream house. You can count on our support at every stage.


High quality materials

The choice of home finishing

Short lead time

You can rest assured that we will use the best materials available when building your home. For years we have been cooperating only with the best manufacturers of materials for the construction of houses in the frame technology.

It is your decision to what state we will build your house. The raw-closed state, developer or complex turnkey.

Thanks to prefabrication in our production facility, we are able to complete the raw-closed state on a ready-made foundation within 4 weeks.